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Wahchinca Wakpa Relay Team Registration


I hereby agree specifically to abide by all rules, regulations, and requirements, and I further agree to assume on my own behalf and entirety, all liability and responsibility for any accident, collision, misadventure, calamity, casualty, fortuity, misfortune or mishap that may directly or indirectly cause damage to myself or my property while participating in this event or while a spectator thereof.  It is particularly understood that I make this waiver as a condition to be allowed to participate directly or indirectly in this event.  I release the Fort Peck Tribes, their employees and agents of any and all liability.  I am fully aware of the inherent risks and dangers involved in this event and have read this release and fully understand its terms.

Media consent & release form

The undersigned agrees and consents to the filming, videotaping, or audio recordings or other means of electronic, print, or publication by RezKast Media LLC, Spotted Bull Recovery Resource Center and Fort Peck Tribes.

We Got It!

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